November 2017: On The Beat

October 27 2017

Hello readers, In this issue I want to share with you some of the things that we do in a normal working week.

All in a week's work!


Hello readers,

In this issue I want to share with you some of the things that we do in a normal working week.

My week began at 2:30pm on Tuesday and ran until Sunday evening. After checking the ‘live’ police log screen and looking for any local crime trends, I went out on patrol on Gloucester Road.

My first job was to help free a lorry stuck in Merton Road. This involved checking for registered keepers of cars blocking the junction, and knocking on some doors. Eventually room was made for the lorry to move on.

That evening I attended a local Neighbourhood Watch meeting. I updated local people on crime figures and answered questions and also listened to people’s concerns about any issues they had on the beat.

Wednesday morning involved patrolling Whiteladies Road, enforcing the rules of the road and speaking to cyclists riding on pavements. I then made my way up the Gloucester Road on my bike for a cycle patrol and to carry out CCTV enquires at local stores.

On Thursday I carried out some speed checks on Ashley Road and Gloucester Road. I know that speeding is an issue many local residents worry about, so always keep this at the front of my mind in my day to day duties. Many drivers were sticking to the limits, but some were driving closer to 40mph than 20 mph. These people were given words of advice.

Thursday evening was spent dealing with some anti-social behaviour on Gloucester Road involving some drunk men. I had to switch on my body-worn camera due to the hostility shown towards me, which unfortunately is just a hazard of the job.

On Friday I carried out house to house enquiries on Downend Road about a burglary and then patrolled two primary schools at picking up time. The rest of Friday was spent looking after a crime scene in another beat area.

Saturday was a day of dealing with vehicle obstructions. The first involved a parked car that was preventing a resident from getting to an urgent appointment. I then made registered keeper enquires and had to give the driver of a badly damaged vehicle some bad news about a fail to stop collision.

Sunday involved catching up with some paperwork and updating some victims of crime on the progress of enquiries into their incidents. There was also another vehicle obstruction, this time in Stoke Bishop.

The work by the neighbourhood police team can be quite varied and we have to be available to attend any incidents that may require our attention throughout the day. I hope this article has given you an insight into the type of work we do.


Until next time


PCSO David Said