November 2017: News From The Mayor

October 27 2017

During my annual State of the City speech last month I announced plans to get tough on fly-tipping.

£75 fines for litter louts


During my annual State of the City speech last month I announced plans to get tough on fly-tipping.

We know that Bristol still has a serious problem with litter and are working hard to try and get a grip on this.

I launched my Cleaner Streets campaign last year and we had a great response from schools, community groups and individuals. But it is not right that these groups should have to try to combat the problem alone. To keep Bristol tidy we need to realise that we all have a part to play.

I was glad to be able to announce our plans to introduce a new enforcement team in Bristol so that we can get tough on those people who are thoughtlessly spoiling the city for the rest of us.

People who continue to drop litter, deface property with graffiti or let their dogs foul will face up to £75 on-the-spot fines.

The new team is to be delivered at no cost to the council because it is predicted to be able to recover any costs through the payment of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). Any profit from on-the- spot fines will be put back into tackling environmental issues around the city.

This team will work alongside the educational and community work that already takes place to try and ensure that we are finally able to get a grip on this problem which costs the council huge amounts of money to deal with.

If you see someone on the street dropping litter, fly tipping or damaging property with graffiti you can help us do something about it by reporting it on the council’s website ( street-issue)

You can also get involved with the efforts to clean up our streets and be a part of my Cleaner Streets campaign (

Together I hope we can work together to clean up Bristol and show how proud we are of our city.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to my State of the City Speech this year. It has been a chance to look back at my past year and see how far we’ve come. Whilst it has not been without its challenges I am really proud of the things me and my cabinet have been able to achieve over the year.

I am sure the coming year will hold many more challenges but I look forward to seeing what we can achieve by working together.