Next Year’s Eurovision in Bristol?

July 25 2022

Next Year’s Eurovision in Bristol?

The Mayor Marvin Rees says he’s working with the YTL Arena people to bring Eurovision to Bristol next year at the Brabazon Hangar.

“We’ve certainly got the space”, he says and knowing that the winners Ukraine are unable to host the contest in their homeland he, and the YTL Arena, are making a bid to the BBC who have been asked if they will televise the event from somewhere in the UK. They want that somewhere to be Bristol’s Brabazon Hangar.

Last month the band Queen put on a concert there as a rehearsal for their Jubilee appearance so the massive hangar already has some credibility as a big event venue.

The Mayor's video was played at last month’s Pride festival on the main stage as a surprise announcement. 

It’s on social media and the Mayor asks everyone to share it using the hashtag  #ThisisBristolCalling to boost the city’s chances of making this happen.