New youth mayors take the reins

February 29 2016
New youth mayors take the reins

New youth mayors take the reins

 BRISTOL Youth Council has elected two new youth mayors. Theo Davies, 15, and Elise Brindley, 17, replace outgoing youth mayors Neha Mehta and Thanushan Jeyarajah, who have completed their one year term of office.

The two youth mayors will be advisors to the Mayor of Bristol and will be expected to attend some meetings and accompany the mayor to events.

Theo, who attends Cotham School, said: “As a born and bred Bristolian, I have always loved the city for its vibrance and diversity. Bristol’s unique culture, along with its historical significance, have influenced me deeply, and I hope to apply the Bristolian values of diversity and social justice to the role of youth mayor.

“Levelling the playing field for work experience and citizen education are the two main areas I wish to campaign on as youth mayor, and I hope to continue the excellent work of Thanushan, Neha and the UK Youth Parliament in these areas.”

Elise, a student at North Bristol Post 16 Centre, said: “I am passionate about issues such as education, climate change and feminism, too many to list, and during my time as youth mayor I hope to make a positive change in many of these areas, as well as getting the voice of young people, who are so often ignored and marginalised in politics, heard at a local level.

“I hope that my year in office as a youth mayor will be a positive and productive one, and I hope that I leave the role having made the city, and the world, a slightly better place in which to be a young person.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, said: “I’m very much looking forward to working with my fourth pair of youth mayors, Theo and Elise.

“Youth mayors, together with the brilliant Youth Council, represent the voices of young people in the city and I really value their opinions regarding decisions affecting the lives of young people in Bristol.

They will provide invaluable insights into key priorities for the city, including supporting the development of Bristol as a Learning City.

“Big thanks go to our outgoing youth mayors Neha and Thanushan for their outstanding contributions over the last year. They acted as outstanding ambassadors for the European Green Capital as did the previous pair Rondene Vassell and James Gibson.”

Councillor Brenda Massey, Assistant Mayor for People, said: “Our youth mayors contribute a great deal to the city and I will be working closely with them both over the next year to help champion young people’s issues.”

Young people who wish to contact the Youth Council or youth mayors about issues affecting them can do so by emailing

Photo: (L-R): New youth mayors Theo Davies and Elise Brindley, Councillor Brenda Massey, Assistant Mayor for People, George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, and outgoing youth mayors Neha Mehta and Thanushan Jeyarajah.