New services for Bristol Pound

October 29 2019

Bristol’s local currency organisation is championing independent traders in Bishopston along with a new look and new services.
Bristol Pound is well established as the biggest local currency in the UK. It aims to create a more resilient local economy by keeping money circulating within Bristol, and preventing wealth leaking away to distant headquarters, global supply chains, tax havens and shareholders dividends.
Members can use the £B (as it’s commonly known) on buses and trains, to pay council tax, buy groceries, services, and much more. You can pay using paper £B or by app, and an increasing number of traders welcome payment in the currency. Individuals can sign up via the new app, which is more reliable and easier to use than the old “text2pay” system.
The £B is more than money, though. It’s a way to build community, and a wide range of exciting developments is emerging from new management of the Bristol Pound CIC, the community interest company in charge.
They’ve appointed one of their local members, Nick Plant, as a “Community Champion”, to champion £B within Bishopston’s indie sector.
Nick is part of a small team of volunteers dedicated to becoming the eyes and ears of £B, acting as a local point of contact, getting feedback from business members, encouraging others to take part, and spreading ideas and awareness of how participation enhances both community and economy.
The Community Champions are also helping to roll out the refreshed branding, and get conversations going about the new services and direction.
Nick Plant says: “I love Gloucester Road, and I’m enjoying meeting up with traders to get their views on how £B is doing, how we can develop, and how we can continue building community. As a committed individual £B user for years, I also want to persuade others to sign up as consumer members and keep money within the local economy.
“Please take a look at my blog entry at to find out more, go to for £B info, download the app from Apple Store or Google Play to get started, or email me at”