New name revealed for Colston’s Primary

May 29 2018

Colston's Primary School to be called Cotham Gardens Primary School from September 2018.

The governors voted through the most popular community suggestion. Work has now begun on the school logo to be unveiled at the 70th Birthday Party on June 30.

Headteacher Alex Bell said: “We are proud of our school's name change journey and the opportunities it has given, and continues to give the children on lots of levels. Our heritage project this year has helped, and continues to help the children have a better understanding of Bristol’s relationship with its past. The curriculum will continue to ensure the children learn about the our past and the key figures involved as part of our pledge to further develop our curriculum in conjunction with a name change. We are also proud of the way our school community has contributed to the wider debate across Bristol. Governors, staff, parents and carers and children alike have played their part in modelling open, respectful debate and democracy at its best.”