New classes offer Latin for everyone

August 24 2018

Helen Currie, a local resident and teacher, is now offering students from Years 8 to 13 a chance to study Latin.

Her experience with setting up twilight Latin sessions at the school where she has taught English for many years has confirmed that plenty of students do want to learn Latin and that they get a great deal out of it. They choose to take the subject for various reasons: some are studying a modern foreign language  and want to support that through studying an ancient language; some want careers in Medicine or Law, professions that still employ Latin terminology; some are History lovers, fascinated to learn the language of the Romans; some are simply lovers of language who are after a new challenge. 

Helen says: “Of all the things that we want young people to get out of their education, being proficient in the use of language has to be one of the most important. There isn’t a single area of life or work in which it isn’t an advantage to be an effective and confident user of language, whether we are speaking it out loud or writing it down.

“There are many ways in which we can encourage language skills but one way through which very many of the great writers of the past learnt to use English well, was through the study of Latin. So many young people today, for various reasons, don’t have the opportunity to study a language that, amongst many other things, can teach them so much about their own language and how to use it well.”

The classes will take place from 4.30pm on Thursdays at a central Gloucester Road venue. The sessions will follow a course of Latin that could eventually lead towards a qualification, but will also be relaxed and enjoyable. Working in a small group will also ensure that every student has plenty of support and classes will, as far as possible, be made up of children of a similar age group. 

To find out more contact Helen on to book a place on a free taster session on Thursday 13 September.