Mystery of the missing bus stop

March 29 2016

Mystery of the missing bus stop

RESIDENTS of Horfield have been lobbying the council to bring back their bus stop following a route change to the 505 bus.

Sarah Spilsbury first raised this issue back in August 2014 when the bus stop by Horfield Church was inexplicably removed. Despite many meetings with councillors, and even going as far a putting a question to the Mayor, she has yet to receive a satisfactory answer as to why the bus stop was removed and when it will return.

Sarah explained: “I am now over 70, suffered a stroke three years ago and walk with some difficulty. I use the 505 regularly to visit a friend, but the return journey each time presents an off putting prospect. I have been pitched from pillar to post and am beginning to feel quite upset, as much as anything about the complete lack of communication from council officers who have been considering the options for well over a year.”

Wessex buses have stated that the council must authorise any change in route as the service is council-supported.

Wessex have discussed the issue with the council and understood the council were prepared to consider a detour down Wellington Hill. The route has been tested and Wessex buses say it presents no problems but until they have a response from the council there is nothing that they can do.

Becky Lockyer, Lib Dem candidate for Bishopston and Ashdown Ward, has been working with Sarah to help find a resolution. Becky said: “We are really disappointed that after pursuing all the correct avenues for over eighteen months that there is still no bus stop. This is a real inconvenience for local residents particularly older or less mobile residents. It is essential that the council make a decision about the routing of the 505 as soon as possible.”

Sarah Spilsbury is keen for a decision to be made before the next bus timetable changes due on April 24.

“I can’t believe that after all this time, asking them to remedy their own oversight, the council hasn’t done anything at all, and didn’t even reply when they said they would. I’m disabled and don’t have a car so the local bus services are vital to me. Frankly, I don’t think people will be too bothered about the exact location, as long as they get their bus stop back.”