Musician inspires Red Maids’ girls to pursue the arts

May 05 2016
Musician inspires Red Maids’ girls to pursue the arts

Musician inspires Red Maids’ girls to pursue the arts

MUSICIAN and TV presenter Clemency Burton-Hill visited Red Maids’ School on Wednesday 13 April to talk to students about her experience and encourage girls into careers in the arts.

The Cambridge double-first graduate spoke about how her love of the Arts has helped shape her career and how having a wide range of interests can enrich your life as well as potentially steering you towards different work-paths.

She encouraged the girls to be brave and take risks in their careers, saying: “Have ideas and throw them out there. Be curious about the world around you: keep your ears and heart open. Be patient: all things take the time that they should. Above all, be so good that employers can’t ignore you.”

She encouraged students to read widely in order to broaden their outlook on life, advising them that the information and insight gained would enrich their careers.

“I am a strong believer in the interconnectedness of everything,” she said. “You never know when that article you read might inform an interview with a future employer, or when a conversation with someone which might lead you down another avenue in your career.”

Clemency urged the girls to not be distracted by money and prestige, but to be true to themselves and their interests.

“When nearly half the workforce is unhappy with their job, I consider myself fortunate to be in love with what I do,” she said.

Clemency is the breakfast presenter with BBC Radio 3 and is currently working on BBC Young Musician of the Year which reached its exciting final last month.

She has also worked as a journalist on titles including Vogue and The Economist, presented BBC Proms as well as documentaries for radio and television.