Massive response to church’s appeal on behalf of refugees

January 28 2016
Massive response to church’s appeal on behalf of refugees

Massive response to church’s appeal on behalf of refugees

A Church in Westbury Park (St Alban’s CofE and Westbury Park Methodist) put out an appeal in January for warm winter clothing for refugees in Northern Iraq and Syria and they have been overwhelmed by the generosity of local people.

The congregation and community have joined forces to collect essentials for those living in camps in freezing conditions. Warm clothes are a major priority but so are shoes, boots, baby equipment, sanitary products and zimmer frames.

The donated goods, which will be taken to the Middle East by the charity ‘Samara’s Aid’, have completely taken over the Methodist Church on North View where they are being stored before being shipped at the end of the month.

Tons of clothes and over £3000 has been raised in just a few days as the people of Westbury Park have pulled together in solidarity with some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

“We are overwhelmed by the response” said Emma Langley, Vicar of St Alban’s and Ecumenical Minister in the Church in Westbury Park. “We’d hoped to have a van full of stuff to take but now it looks like we’re going to need a removal lorry.

People have been so generous - both with their donations of clothing and other vital supplies but also with the money needed to cover the cost of shipping them to the Middle East. Lives will be saved because of the incredible generosity of members of this community”

Dozens of volunteers have started the work of sorting and packing the clothing. The Church in Westbury Park is hoping to partner with local businesses to transport the goods to the central collection point in Barnet, North London. From there they will be taken to the Middle East by Samara’s Aid.