March Column: Sergeant Sean Underwood

March 01 2013
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We have had some great successes around Gloucester Road with tackling shoplifting offences.

March Column: Sergeant Sean Underwood

Hello from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, thank you to those that have contacted us after the last article, I hope we have managed to resolve and help with the issues. Sergeant Sean Underwood

Since the last article we have carried out several operations within your area and will continue to do so. I will mention a few of these in this article.

From a crime point we have had another slight blip in burglaries around Radnor Road and are keen to gather intelligence around this, so please call in any suspicious incidents you see no matter how small. We would rather get a call for a minor matter than not get a call at all. This might be the last little bit of information we need to catch the offenders. I repeat my previous offer: if you want a member of the team to visit your address to offer some crime prevention advice please call.

We have also had a small increase in theft from motor vehicles around the Ashley Down Road area. Please, please keep your valuables out of your car and certainly not on show. All attacked vehicles have had items clearly visible to an offender. If they can’t see it, they won’t smash anything to get in.

We have also had some great successes around Gloucester Road with tackling shoplifting offences. PCSO David Said, your very own Bishopston PCSO, stopped an offender on Gloucester Road who had just stolen items from a store seconds before. The same offender was then linked to nine other offences and is currently awaiting a court case to decide on his sentence. A great piece of work by David.

Please get in contact over the next few weeks if you want to discuss anything. Thanks for reading and stay safe and crime free.