March Column: Bishopston Mum

March 01 2013

Looking out of my window right now at the blue sky and allotments by Golden Hill Community Garden, I am glad to see the first signs of spring are finally here.

March Column: Bishopston Mum

Welcome to Bishopston Mum’s March column for Bishopstonvoice!

Looking out of my window right now at the blue sky and allotments by Golden Hill Community Garden, I am glad to see the first signs of spring are finally here.  Long before I had children I never really minded winter, but since being at home with young children I find the weather can at times dominate our lives and activities.  Last month myself, my husband and children were also plagued by illness in one form or another so we were all quite miserable stuck indoors for a while!  Now that the weather is better and the snow safely on its way, I am enjoying being outdoors and out and about with my children again.

Last month my little boy celebrated his fourth birthday. This year we decided to hold his party outside Bishopston for a change and opted for Boing!, a soft play multi-activity centre for 0-5-year-olds in Lockleaze.  As well as having a good soft play room, there is also a “free play room” which has various sections for particular activities, such as a “home” corner complete with a child-size kitchen and lounge, a “construction” corner with bricks, etc and a “reading/quiet” corner.  We were really pleased with the birthday party that Boing! provided and, more importantly, my son had a fabulous time.  If you are interested in visiting Boing!, it is open Tuesday to Saturday and admission and refreshments are very affordable.

I have recently been taking my children to Little Sing, which is held on Fridays at 9.30am and 10.30am at St Michael’s Church Hall, Gloucester Road.  Little Sing offers a lot of imaginative and varied music and songs with a good range of musical instruments.  My daughter enjoys music and dancing so she is in her element. However, my son is a little shy and overwhelmed as it is a large group and singing is not really his thing.  But Little Sing is hosted by two very kind and approachable local mums, so I will persist!

There has been a new development regarding the proposed new play park on Horfield Common.  You may remember that in January’s column I wrote about Bristol City Council's plans to replace the present play park with a new one but that at the last consulation meeting which local residents attended, there was a fair bit of disagreement over where the new play park should be placed.  Some thought that the new play park should remain in the current location whereas others argued that it should instead be placed in the middle of the Common, on the patch of grass next to the Ardagh and car park.

Since the consultation meeting, the council now proposes to place the new play park away from the current location and put it in the middle part of the Common, next to the Ardagh and grass over the location where it currently stands.  There are no dates yet for the next consultation meeting regarding the play park but as soon as a date is decided, I will let you know.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Bishopston Mum’s March column.  Have a great month!

Bishopston Mum