March 2019: Inside Out Blog

February 25 2019

Traditional paint forum

SINCE the earliest cave paintings mankind has been driven to adorn walls with pigment. This uniquely human trait has developed over millennia to become an incredibly skilled and technical art-form, resulting in numerous decorative painting styles along the way.
From the first hands stencilled onto rock faces to accomplished bison depictions artists progressed to such pinnacles as the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, the gilded frilly florals of Rococo palaces and the 3D illusion effects of Trompe-l’œil painting. These days we are far more conservative and generally tend to prefer our walls in a plain coating of a very flat, single paint colour of course, but thankfully there are plenty of people keeping these traditional skills alive.
Based in London, and active across the country, the Traditional Paint Forum explores anything and everything to do with historical architectural painting, its conservation and recreation.
Its membership is made up of a huge range of professions including paint suppliers, scientific paint analysts, decorators, conservators, architectural historians, conservation officers, architects, surveyors and scenic painters.
The TPF organise very interesting events like trips to paint factories, demonstrations of particular painting techniques (wood graining, marbling etc) and historical movements in style. There are even conferences about the evolution of pigments into present day paints and lectures on heritage colours complete with experiments exploring the effect of candle light and oil lamps on the behaviour of those colours in their historical settings.
All this should be fascinating stuff to interior design fans so if you would like to learn more about this rich topic you can join online from just £30 a year. There are some beautiful quotes on colour waiting for your on the homepage!