Making Bristol look so blooming lovely ...

August 24 2018
Making Bristol look so blooming lovely ...

TWO business women are doing their bit to make Bristol's gardens brighter – and they are offering a great competition prize to readers of the Bishopston Voice.

Bloominster, the innovative start-up that delivers subscription boxes of plants to people who aren’t expert gardeners, is celebrating a successful first summer. 

Partners Susy Feltham and Alice Evans have made boxes for every season, starting with a “sparkle box” in January to bring some winter colour, a spring selection in March, and a box of bright colours for summer display in June.

Each box has care cards to tell those without green fingers how to look after the plants.

The pair have put together a box of edible plants, sourced from plants grown at Windmill Hill City Farm.

They have also linked up with Feed Bristol, part of Avon Wildlife Trust, to develop a bee-friendly box of plants sown from wild flower seeds collected from the group’s meadows around Bristol.

Their new autumn plant box is just about to go on sale – and to celebrate, they are offering a free box to the winner of our exclusive competition.

Facebook: Bloominster