Lord Mervyn Davies inspires FHS students

April 29 2018
Lord Mervyn Davies inspires FHS students

Fairfield High School (FHS) was honoured to receive a visit in March from Lord Mervyn Davies, who ran an inspirational and uplifting talk, followed by a Q & A session on his incredible career and life experiences.

Lord Mervyn Davies has worked with the likes of Barack Obama, Gordon Brown, Theresa May and Alistair Darling to name just a few, so had quite a few stories up his sleeve to share with his captivated audience.

Lord Davies’ main focus, though, was to inspire the Year 9 students about how anything is possible should the young people wish to achieve it. The students were enthralled to hear Lord Davies’ story and inspiring words.

He stated: “Money is irrelevant. Anything is possible and each of us has a strength. Everybody has something they are good at. Also everybody makes mistakes… that is perfectly natural, and believe me, I’ve made plenty!

“Once you can do something in business, you can put your minds to lots of different things. Sometimes you just have to come out of your comfort zone.

“Don’t panic if an exam doesn’t go well, just try really hard to do better next time. If you have a dream to become a doctor, for example, go for it, you will make it! I am dyslexic myself; it’s made my life difficult, but I’ve fought and carried on being positive.”

He shared the story of how he came to be in his privileged position, having been brought up in North Wales, not speaking English until aged 7 or 8. All he wanted to do as a teenager was to play football. And, whilst this dream was not fulfilled, he did become Director of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for six years!)

As a young adult, he put his career and gave up University to look after his handicapped brother for two years. Understandably this was a particularly difficult time.

He then moved into the banking world, managing, at one time, 50,000 people.

The moment which changed his life was eating in a restaurant with his family one day when the phone rang. It was Prime Minister Gordon Brown, with whom he had never spoken. Gordon Brown asked Lord Davies to give up his job, become Government Minister and work for him during big financial crisis in 2008. He took this on with great gusto.

The greatest moment in Lord Davies’ life has to be meeting Nelson Mandela over afternoon tea. He states that, in his opinion, he’s: “The greatest man in the last 200 years.”