Look! Chimpanzees in Dungarees

August 28 2015

ONE local artist is finally fulfilling her dream to write and illustrate children’s picture books.

ONE local artist is finally fulfilling her dream to write and illustrate children’s picture books.  

Rosie Webb, from Bishopston, will be releasing ‘Chimpanzees in Dungarees’ – a colour and counting book – on September 17 at Room 212 art gallery.

The artist, who is recognised for her popular ‘Owl in Red Wellies’ print, has been selling her work at Room 212 since opening its doors in 2013.

She had just moved back to the area after a long stint in London, when Room 212 owner Sarah Thorp asked Rosie to exhibit her work.

The mum-of-one said: “It has always been a personal dream of mine to write and illustrate my own picture book. Plus, when doing art markets and trade events I constantly get asked 'are you going to create a children’s book?’.

''For some time I have been painting most of my animals in isolation on a white background so I am enjoying the challenge of painting them in groups and thinking about the relationships they have to each other.

"I was lucky enough to have been read to a lot as a child and now I am lucky enough to have my own child, Poppy, to read to."

Rosie’s work has not only proved popular locally. Her loose and expressive paintings of food have also attracted attention from the likes of Jamie Oliver, and have featured in national newspapers The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and several others.

Rosie added: “What I am hoping to achieve is a book as an extension of my fine art prints, while offering something new to the readers which they can keep coming back to.

“Usually books for young children focus on colour or counting but I thought why not look at both in the same book? It also rhymes.

"I like pushing the boundaries a little and using a very loose style so the children's imaginations can fill in any gaps.  I am constantly astounded by how much little minds can grasp visually and feel blessed to be able to connect to them through my work. I hope readers will recognise that each page is literally a work of art."

Rosie adds that the book is suitable for any child learning to count and designed to be read with an adult, who should also find humour within the pages.

Chimpanzees in Dungarees will be available at Room 212 from September. Accompanying the book will also be a new range of children’s birthday cards and fine art prints, printed in house by 212 Productions. These will be on exhibition from September 17-30.

Rosie Webb