Local school supports international charity

November 24 2017

Westbury based girls’ school, Redmaids’ High, is supporting an international charity with a very personal connection.


Westbury based girls’ school, Redmaids’ High, is supporting an international charity with a very personal connection.

Concern Worldwide, provide food and education to help poverty stricken communities across the world, including in the African nation of Burundi; home country to the school’s Head Girl.

Anjali Mehta, moved from Burundi to Bristol in 2014 with her parents and sister Khushi when she was 15 years old. Khushi and her cousin Niki also attend the school, and another cousin, Neha, left last year to study Dentistry at Birmingham.

Burundi is one of the world’s poorest nations. The country has suffered vast amounts of political instability, a civil war, military coups and genocide resulting in the loss of approximately 300,000 lives. Although a peace agreement was reached in 2006 the country remains in a fragile state of political unrest and since then hundreds more people have been killed.

Last year, the school that Anjali and her sister had attended in Burundi was shut down for three months because of how unsafe it had become.

“We are very fortunate to have moved to Bristol to continue our education at Redmaids’ High. Our friends in Burundi have started moving to neighbouring countries to find a safe place to stay,” says Anjali. 

“When we went back last summer to visit our family, a lot had changed. So many people are living in poverty and over half the children under the age of five are severely malnourished.”

After speaking to Anjali about the situation in Burundi, the Head Almoners at Redmaids’ High, Arabella and Yasmin, decided to support the charity Concern Worldwide. They help by building kitchen gardens in the poorest communities across the world enabling people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Nearly 1000 families across Burundi have benefitted from these gardens, each costing just £75 to build. So far Redmaids’ High has raised around £500 to send to Concern Worldwide. That means that a further six communities will be provided with new gardens as well as training in agriculture and nutrition.

“As Head Girl of Redmaids’ High, I’m so proud of my friends and fellow students for helping the communities in my home country,” said Anjali. “Thank you to everyone who donated.”

You can make a donation to Concern Worldwide by visiting their website www.concern.net

Any donations to the charity made before Monday 18 December will be doubled by the UK government.