Labour Mayor Marvin calls up Claire and Fi to join his cabinet

May 26 2016
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Labour Mayor Marvin calls up Claire and Fi to join his cabinet

BRISTOL’S new 10 strong crossparty Cabinet has been announced by Mayor Marvin Rees and includes Redland’s Fi Hance and Horfield’s Claire Hiscott.

Green Party councillor Fi Hance has been appointed Cabinet Member for City Health and Wellbeing and Conservative councillor Claire Hiscott will take on the role of Cabinet Member for Education and Skills.

Fi Hance said: “I’m really delighted to be part of the new cabinet. Health and wellbeing is an incredibly wide ranging area which affects all of us so I’m looking forward to doing everything I can to bring wellbeing considerations into every aspect of council activity.”

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “This is a strong Cabinet who will be empowered to get on with the job and deliver the goods for the people of Bristol.

“Together we will form a strong team which gets things done for this city. Our top priority will be tackling inequality in all its forms, particularly in how we deliver new homes, address Bristol’s poverty gap and ensure that the city’s success can benefit everybody.”

All of the Cabinet Members will take up their posts following formal ratification at the council’s Annual General Meeting on May 31. The first formal Cabinet meeting is on June 7.