Know Your Roots

April 29 2018

The Soil Association’s Food for Life programme and Pukka Herbs have teamed up to get children in Bristol outdoors and help them learn growing skills, as part of a campaign to promote intergenerational links, food education and environmental knowledge.

The Know Your Roots campaign marks Grandparent Gardening Week, and will see children at primary schools learning from nature by growing their own herbs alongside their parents and grandparents.

Pupils at Whitehall Primary and Aurora St Christopher’s School in Westbury Park will plant, water and care for the herbs, and get to grips with their culinary uses in a series of private events being held on the school campuses. 

The intergenerational links will offer children the opportunity to gain knowledge from their grandparents.

Each of the Bristol schools has received a raised herb planter complete with seeds, compost and all the resources needed to help them kick-start their herb growing journey.