June Column 2017: On The Beat

May 30 2017

It feels like summer is finally here and hopefully you have been enjoying the sunny weather.

It feels like summer is finally here and hopefully you have been enjoying the sunny weather. Unfortunately the change in season can mean we see an increase in burglary, as people open their windows and back doors, but forget to shut and lock them when they go out or head up to bed.

Please do remember to lock all doors and windows when you are out and at night, and make sure keys are not left on show. A third of burglaries across Avon and Somerset take place because opportunist thieves have spotted a window or door open or insecure, and have been able to walk right in and help themselves.

We have had some good burglary arrests recently. In one incident last month, we arrested a 42-year-old man, two days after a burglary in Redland in which the resident’s car was stolen. The victim was asleep upstairs at the time, when the suspect broke in through the back door, stealing car keys, cash and then the car. The same car was used the following day in a ‘smash and grab’ incident at the Co-Op in Cotham. Thanks to CCTV at the victim’s house, we were able to identify the suspect, who was later charged and remanded in custody whilst our investigations continue. 

In a separate incident, a resident in Cornwall Road in Bishopston was woken in the middle of the night by a noise. When he checked downstairs he noticed that the front and back doors, which had previously been left secure, were now open and that various items were missing. Officers attended and soon afterwards stopped a 43-year-old man nearby who was in possession of some of property stolen from the house. He was subsequently arrested. 

We continue our operations at HMP Bristol, in an effort to keep the surrounding residents and community safe. Over the past three months, we have arrested three separate women on suspicion of supplying drugs into the prison, after searches found them attempting to smuggle drugs in. Drugs and other contraband items are routinely thrown over the wall, and even drones are sometimes used. Please can residents in the area around the prison, particularly on Longmead Avenue, Cambridge Road, Clevedon Road and Monk Road, and gardeners in the nearby allotments, keep their eyes and ears open and immediately report any suspicious activity to us, calling 999 if it’s an emergency.

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Until next time,

Sergeant Adam Dolling