June Column: On the Beat

June 04 2013

June column:News from the local policing team with PCSO David Said

Hello, readers. The local police team recently attended the Bishopston Neighbourhood Forum. The Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset Sue Mountstevens attended and outlined the Police and Crime plan for the area.
Police visibility and speed watch were issues that those attending the forum were particularly interested in. Regarding visibility, the neighbourhood police team aim to be as accessible and visible in the community as possible and have a patrol plan in place to ensure we are addressing local concerns. This means that we are more visible in some areas than others.
Community speed watch continues to gather support. I have sent a request to the road policing unit for Sommerville Road to be added to our list. If the street is added we will then ask for those wanting training to come forward.
This month I will join forces with the PCSO for Cotham, Megan Emery, and conduct a crime and consequences lesson for the Year 6 students at Bishop Road School. The lesson is aimed at keeping the students safe as they progress to secondary school. We hope to visit all the primary schools in Bishopston before the end of term.
Theft from cars and burglaries are some of the predominant crimes in the Bishopston and Redland area.  In order to reduce this and prevent yourselves falling victim to these crimes, please remove all valuables from your vehicle and if you have a sat-nav, remove the cradle and the sucker marks from the windscreen.  Do not hide it in your car as thieves will find it.  Do not leave any items of clothing on display in the
vehicle, as a thief may try to steal it in the hope there is a purse or some cash in it.
When you leave your house, make sure it is locked and all the windows are shut.  A high number of burglaries are committed when properties are left insecure.  If you have an alarm make sure you use it.
When you have left your property, make it look like you are in it by using light timers and/or leave a radio or TV on a timer switch.  If you are going on holiday, ask a neighbour you can trust to push post through the door and clear it from the doorway.  It also helps if the neighbour can open and close the curtains.