June Column: Bishopston Mum

June 04 2013

Bishopston Mum on the end of a long-running, much-loved playgroup and getting news on her son's first school

Welcome to Bishopston Mum's June column for Bishopstonvoice!
I wanted to start Bishopston Mum's June column by giving a well-deserved mention to a local couple named Jane and David Trist. Together, Jane and David, pictured right with volunteers, have organised The Ticky Tacky Club which ended a couple of weeks ago after a whopping 20 years! It was an absolutely amazing playgroup with many craft activities. Many children from Bishopston have attended Ticky Tacky over the years and it will be greatly missed. Ticky Tacky Club
On the subject of playgroups, I want to mention Ardagh Toddlers, which is held Mondays, 10-10.30am, at The Ardagh Pavilion, Horfield Common. Ardagh Toddlers is a playgroup with a difference. There is no waiting list and no age-limit. And, not only is it open in half-term but parents are allowed to bring older siblings along, too. There is outdoor space and in half-term one of the tennis courts at The Ardagh is used so that older kids have more space to run around. It is also unstructured which makes for a relaxing atmosphere.
 I am pleased to report that we received our first choice of primary school for our son! I wrote before about how the thought of my little boy going to “big school” made me a little sad. I am starting to feel better about it. Over the last couple of months my son is becoming increasingly physically active and when I say “climbing the walls”, this isn't simply a term of expression! He climbs everything, including window sills, furniture, etc. I am becoming aware that he needs something more than pre-school. His going to school will also free up my time so I can put more energy into writing. While I am sure it will be bittersweet when the big day comes, my son is approaching the stage of being ready for school and thus, I am nearly ready for it, too.
But for now I am happy that my son has got his place at our preferred primary school and that therefore my daughter has a guaranteed place there, when her time comes.
We have spent time over the last few weeks enjoying the recent blue sky and sunshine simply exploring Gloucester Road. My children have tried hats on at Billie Jean Clothes, gazed in awe at old churches and marvelled at the freshly baked breads in the window of Joe's Bakery. They have “played” piano in Marie Curie Cancer Research shop, made friends with Flynn, the dog at Artemis, tasted delicious cakes in various cafes and roved the beautiful garden at the World Peace Cafe for treasures.  
Together we have been delighting in the wonders that Bishopston has to offer and I am glad that my children will be growing up here.

Bishopston Mum