JUNE 2021: News from the Metro Mayor Dan Norris

May 25 2021

JUNE 2021: News from the Metro Mayor Dan NorrisFIRSTLY, thank you.
It’s a huge honour to be elected as your Metro Mayor, for this part of the world that I’m proud to call home. And whether you voted for me or not, I’m going to do my best for you and your family.
It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since election day. The votes were counted up on the Saturday after polling day – and a big thank you to the counting staff who worked so hard to get us a result efficiently and in a covid-secure way. Then the results were announced aboard the SS Great Britain, a magnificent backdrop to take the helm on a new job! On the following Monday, I was officially sworn in as Mayor at Temple Quay and had my first meetings.
I’ll be frank, I think we have some catching up to do. Because I’m not sure many people know we have a Metro Mayor at the moment locally, nationally or internationally. I want to change that, and put our area on the map.
A woman I met the other day commented that it had been nice to see “from Somerset” as a description on my interview on Good Morning Britain. We’re going to have more of that.
My job is like Sadiq Khan’s in London and Andy Burnham’s in Manchester. It’s time for Fishponds, Frome Valley or Filton to lead the national conversation!
I said during the campaign that my first priority was jobs, and that is why I will be holding a jobs and skills summit in my first 100 days in office. I’m already having conversations with local businesses and education providers about how we can build back better from the pandemic. If you have ideas, do let me know.
My politics have always been red and green. We are in the midst of a climate emergency and I plan to bring my knowledge and experience as a former Environment Minister to the table. That’s why later this year I will launch my ‘Green Recovery Plan’. You might have also heard about my plans to make the West of England the bee and pollinator capital of the UK.
I know I have a lot of people to meet, reading to do, budgets to scrutinise and government ministers to challenge. I want to work in a constructive and cooperative way. What matters is that we secure the best for our area.
And, just as a final thought, I think my dog might be more popular than me. Angel has also been on TV and got her own hashtag #dansdog – I’ll try not to let it go to her head!
This is such an exciting time, but I want to end where I began. For the chance to serve – thank you.