July: In Bishopston and Redland this month

June 26 2015

Bishopston councillor update

Our new website:
We are pleased to announce that our new website is up and running from the 1st July: www.bishopstongreencouncillors.info. You can read more detail about the topics mentioned below and other activities, and contact us with any questions, ideas or concerns.
We hope the new site will make it easier for you to connect with local issues and to pass on ideas and feedback. Anyone leaving a comment on the site or signing up for our newsletter before 1st September will have their name entered in a draw. The winner will receive a £30 YourStreet gift voucher to spend in a local shop of your choice.

Younger people making local decisions:
When we look around the room in some of our local decision making groups and committees, we are all getting on a bit! This is good because it makes Daniella and Tim feel (relatively) youthful. But not so good because we really want local decisions to reflect the whole community’s views.
So, with the help of new Cotham councillor Dani Glazzard, we’re asking students, school children and younger adults to connect and play a role. You are invited to join a local group to put forward young residents ideas for the local area. Contact us for details.

Say hello to the students / neighbours next door:
We know that people sometimes worry about noise and rubbish associated with student houses. And that students would often like to connect more to their neighbours and communities. So, why not pop round and say hello to each other? Visit: www.lovewhereyoulivebristol.co.uk for ideas and resources – including the excellent Big Give project to help students moving out recycle things they no longer need.


Redland councillor update

Traffic calming:
The long awaited traffic calming at the main entrance to St Andrews Park on Effingham Road, where it meets Grenville Road, is finally within sight. This was an area highlighted by residents long ago when consulted on priority locations for local highway safety schemes. Some of the issues have already been dealt with by gates within the park, but the road works have now been drawn up. Councillors have also sought views from park users, to ensure any comments can be fed back before the works are signed off. Some kerb build-outs are part of the scheme to pinch the road at the entrance thus slowing down traffic and enabling safe crossing to the park.

Planning and Development:
Fi, Martin and Tim have been updated by council officers on the Bristol North Bath development, and the project continues to be considerably behind schedule. We are told that Chatsworth Homes is in the process of securing additional funding to complete the works. All the local councillors are keeping a close watch on issues and remain concerned by the delays and doubts which are affecting our new local library facility and local GP practice.

Community Involvement in Planning:
The council is seeking your input on how it involves the public on planning applications. The previous ‘statement of community involvement’ has been in place since 2008 and is being revised.
You can comment on the draft new version at: www.bristol.gov.uk/node/1595.
Paper copies have also been placed in public libraries. Information is provided in the document regarding how comments can be submitted. If you would like to speak to someone about the draft Statement of Community Involvement please ring 0117 903 6725. The closing date for responses is 31st July 2015.