July Column: On the Beat

June 27 2013
July Column: On the Beat

July column: News from the local policing team with PCSO David Said, including speed checks, counterfeit cigarettes and school visits

Hello, readers. The beat team recently carried out a speed watch on Sommerville Road after concerns were expressed by local residents about drivers’ speed. We carried out the speed check from 5pm until 6pm on Friday night. The fastest driver recorded was doing 32mph with the majority of drivers recorded in the 15 to 25mph range. Many drivers appeared to slow down as they saw me at the side of the road with the speed gun.

At the time of doing the speed check there were many parked cars and traffic was fairly heavy so the opportunity to speed was reduced.

Often the perception of drivers’ speed is different to actual speed; the data will be passed on to the road policing unit when they carry out the risk assessment on this road, which will then hopefully allow members of the community to carry out their own speed checks.

We have also been busy working with our partners from HM Revenue and Customs and Trading Standards. We recently carried out a joint operation on a shop on Gloucester Road that was suspected of selling counterfeit cigarettes and tax dodged alcohol. Thousands of pounds worth of items were seized and a male was arrested in relation to this. The kind of shops engaged in this activity don’t tend to mind who they sell tobacco and alcohol to, including those below legal age and we are hoping this sends out a clear message to any unscrupulous traders around Gloucester Road.

The school talks have been going well. This month I have visited Bishop Road and St Bonaventure’s. It’s good to meet all the children and talk about crime and its consequences. Year 6 is a key time to talk with the young people as they will face new influences and peer pressure when they move to secondary school. I will be visiting Ashley Down Juniors before the end of term.

Finally, I recently had a meeting with one of the sports heads at the City of Bristol College in Ashley Down Road. The aim is to encourage more students to cycle and we are looking at ways to help keep their bikes safe when not being used and encouraging responsible cycling when they are on the roads. We will be doing bike events and talks with the students next term in support of this.

Best wishes for a safe and crime-free July.