January Column: Bishopston Mum

December 31 2012

January Column: Bishopston Mum

January Column: Bishopston Mum

I am delighted to have been asked to write a regular column for Bishopstonvoice!  I am a mum to two young children and was born and raised in this area.  I believe Bishopston is a great place to raise children as it provides a wealth of activities and learning experiences.

Through starting my blog “Bishopston Mum” in November 2011, I made the wonderful discovery of a love of writing.  I enjoy connecting with others through writing and sharing helpful information.  In Bishopstonvoice, I look forward to informing you of new activities for children and families, interesting news and sharing my thoughts as a parent raising children in Bishopston. 

This month I wanted to tell you about a new group that my children and I have discovered.  Rocket Tots is held in The Church of the Good Shepherd on Bishop Road, Bishopston, every Wednesday afternoon, in term-time from 1.30-2.45pm.  It is aimed at parents and carers of children between 16 months and five years and encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyles.  I was impressed at the amount of thought put into the session and the range of activities included.  What’s more, it is free!

I have been avidly following the proposed redevelopment of the new play park at Horfield Common, firstly because Horfield Common is the nearest park to my house and one that I often take my children to for a burst of fresh air.  But it matters to me on a deeper level as this is the park that I used to enjoy when I was little so I have strong memories attached to it. 

I recently attended a meeting about the new park where local people raised their hopes and concerns.  The meeting sparked passionate discussion and proved interesting.  Some residents who live nearby complained of noise and litter being thrown into their gardens.  Several possibilities were raised, one of which was for the new play park being put in the centre of Horfield Common. 

I personally agree with moving the play park as I believe it would reduce disturbance to nearby houses.  I also think it would be a logical move as then the play park would be next to the car park, public toilets and (hopefully) a cafe at the Ardagh in the future.  However, many people felt that the play park should remain in the present location.   

What do you think?  You can contact Mark Gundry, the project manager of the redevelopment, by emailing mark.gundry@bristol.gov.uk or phoning 0117 9223502.  
Anyway, that’s all from me for this month.  Happy new year!