JANUARY 2022: New from your local MP Thangam Debbonaire

December 21 2021

A new year, but the same Tories!

Happy new year. Another year has gone by. Yet sometimes I feel that we are going backwards. We all have seen the reports about a party at 10 Downing Street, in breach of lockdown rules.
As I write, people are angry about the double standards at a time when the government should be encouraging us all to follow difficult restrictions. I understand this anger and have raised these problems several times in Parliament.
This government seems incapable of following its own rules. It started with the PM’s chief advisor who apparently wanted to test his eyesight. A few months later it was his Health Secretary, testing the bonds of his marriage. And now, we learn that it was the Prime Minister and his staff breaking the rules too. The earlier two resigned, but in the most recent case it wasn’t the PM, but his spokesperson who had to take the fall. How many times have we seen a woman’s career being sacrificed to protect that of a man?
There is currently a lot of discussion about the restrictions designed to keep us safe from Covid. In these times, we must listen to the experts. I support the latest efforts to control the spread through tighter restrictions around face coverings and promoting booster jabs.
I got my booster jab on December 4 at Redcliffe Hill Pharmacy. A big thank you to the staff at the pharmacy and to all NHS workers in the UK. We all know that the roll out of vaccines would not have happened without your backbreaking efforts.

Nationality and Borders Bill

In Parliament in December, I voted against the Nationality and Borders Bill. Among other things, this Bill was intended to stop dangerous boat crossings in the Channel. But in reality, it will be unable to do so.
Many of you asked me to vote against it – and I can confirm I did so. We need safe and legal routes for people to claim asylum in the UK. We need to stand up for humanitarian ideals. Yet this government doesn’t care if it breaks human rights laws.
During the summer so many people wrote to me asking how they could help Afghan people escaping persecution. The Nationality and Borders Bill has policies that are mean-spirited, sinister and ineffective. For these reasons I voted against this legislation.
I hope that despite the uncertainties and fears you had a lovely time with your friends and families. I’ll catch you this year, where I will continue to speak on your behalf against an ineffectual government, incapable of fulfilling its own promises or following its own rules.