January 2018: Vineyard News

December 19 2017
January 2018: Vineyard News

Like November, December is a relatively quiet month on the vineyard front with none of the massive time pressure of summer work. I’ve been steadily working my way through rolling-up the bird nets but have not made huge progress during my sporadic vineyard visits.

 As I work toward the final row of netting my thoughts are turning towards the pruning and how I’d better hurry up and start. We’ve had a few cold snaps so the vines are well and truly dormant and I have to get through all 2,400 of them by late March. Better get my skates on! Some of my younger vines are now just reaching their full size which means pruning takes longer and longer each year. On the plus side it also means I get to make a bigger bonfire at the end, which is fun.

In the summer months I don’t have time to do any markets but at Christmas I always manage to squeeze in the Bishopston Market at Bishop Road School. This year was especially successful because it was on the same evening as the Gloucester Road late night shop opening. 

For someone who sells mainly to restaurants it’s always interesting to meet customers and talk to face to face as they try our wine. Unlike red or white wine, there are often many preconceptions with rosé that I enjoy challenging.

Our 2016 Pinot rosé has very nearly sold out but we still have a few cases left. We also have a handful of limited edition Chris Riddell labels left. 

Our 2016 sparkling is halfway through its long winemaking process and will be ready for sale late 2018. All of our 2017 grapes are in various tanks with our winemaker on the Mendips being made into lovely wine for next summer and beyond.



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