January 2018: On The Beat

December 19 2017

Happy new year to all the readers of the Bishopston Voice!

Happy new year to all the readers of the Bishopston Voice! I want to use this first column of 2018 to talk about two themes which I discuss regularly – vehicle crime and burglary. I don’t want to sound like stuck record, but these crimes affect so many people and there is still a lot that people could be doing to protect themselves and their property.

There were 29 car crimes recorded in Bishopston during a 28 day period in November to December and 10 in Redland. These were mostly theft from motor vehicle offences, but also include damage and interference, where someone has tampered with the vehicle by removing plastic from windscreen wipers, knocked wing mirrors off or bent car aerials. Most of these offences occurred around Gloucester Road and Ashley Down Road, and the streets off these roads, as well as in other areas.

Around Bishopston, people are still unfortunately leaving property on display in their cars. Please remember to always lock your vehicle and to take all your belongings with you. Never leave bags on display and if you want to be extra security conscious, empty your boot and put the back seats down, so it’s clear there is nothing inside worth taking.

In Redland, we’ve seen an increase in number plates being stolen from vehicles, which are then used to commit other crimes. This is such an inconvenience for drivers, it’s not so much the value of replacing them but the hassle involved. You can buy security screws very cheaply which can be screwed in but not out. These are covered in coloured plastic caps so they look good too! We have a limited number of these screws and will happily drop these off to anyone who can fit them themselves. Please email Redland Beat Manager Andy Stamp if you would like some and he will get round to as many people as his stocks allow: andy.stamp@avonandsomerset.police.uk.

Moving on to burglary, over the last 28 days there have been 16 burglaries and three attempted burglaries in Bishopston and seven burglaries in Redland. I’m pleased to report that an 18-year-old man from our area was arrested in connection with a burglary at Filton Grove in November. He was charged and dealt with by the courts. 

The new year is the perfect time to review your home security. Got a burglar alarm but never use it? Now is the time to switch it on! Been meaning to fix the lock on your shed or garage but not got round to it? Seize the moment and visit the DIY shop! Always lock doors and windows before going out and when you go to bed at night. A lot of people leave small bathroom windows open thinking that thieves won’t be able to get through them, but they are a very common entry point for burglars who never miss an opportunity to get into a house easily.

You may have heard about the explosion at the cashpoint at Sainsbury’s on Gloucester Road, near to the junction of Elton Road in November, in which cash was stolen. Thankfully nobody was injured but this could have been really serious. I’m pleased to report that a 28-year-old man from Horfield has been charged with this and five other offences of a similar nature across Avon and Somerset. He has been remanded in custody and will be appearing in court as this edition goes to print.


Stay safe. See you next time.

PC David Rockell