In Cotham this month...

July 28 2016

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request last time for particular issues to be addressed in this article and in the future.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request last time for particular issues to be addressed in this article and in the future.

Street scene issues were popular. The new mayor has supported the emphasis on education and enforcement, but then so did the previous mayor. A major development, however, is the virtual certainty of the Bristol Waste Company (BWC) - which trades independently while a part of Bristol City Council - being awarded a 10 year trading period.

BWC took over from Kier by mutual agreement 12 months ago. They propose a staged improving service which will include advocating recycling but enforcement still rests with the council. This understaffed section is being redeployed and consolidated with all other enforcement functions which could be beneficial. Results will be monitored by the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission that I chair and which this year has seen its responsibilities greatly increase.

I am pleased that BWC will have a holistic responsibility for waste reduction, collection, disposal and the resulting finances, which will incentivise better practice. Complaints should still be made via the BCC website.

The issue of Residents Parking Zones (RPZs) is less clear. I was a member of the Cabinet that introduced the first zone in Kingsdown after a favourable local consultation. Two other zones followed, also with resident support, in Cotham athough CN zone was delayed by the last mayor who also broke our promise and raised charges by 60%. With fines this has turned the zones into a cash cow which the Lib Dems have always resisted.

I have witnessed the trend for increasing approval of local residents, however, there are still unresolved issues around timing in certain streets, single yellow lines, concessionary permits, signage and management. I welcome the opportunity for further consultation but people in Cotham should not fear that local parking protection is to be abandoned. RPZs are popular locally where there is a clear need and the displacement effect of most zones on adjacent areas must be factored in. The effect of high usage of private cars in the more central areas of Bristol is disproportionate. 

Even if promised powers under devolution for the better regulation of our bus services is delivered, an improved service and lower fares will only be driven out from greater usage.



Cllr. Anthony Negus

Lib Dem Councillor for Cotham Ward

Tel:  (0117) 3534713