Ice-cream van threat to Cafe on the Common

December 19 2018

BRISTOL City Council have approved a licence for an ice-cream vendor with a pitch just 100 metres from Horfield Common play park, almost immediately next to the Cafe on the Common.

The licence is yet to be tendered out by the council but members of the Ardagh Community Trust are concerned vital revenue could be lost if the plan goes ahead.

The popular café in the centre of Horfield Common runs through the summer months and is the main source of income for the community interest company. Around 30 per cent of the taking come from ice-cream sales so even a competitor as small as an ice-cream van could cause problems for the Trust. 

Sam Thompson from the Ardagh Community Trust said: “It is disappointing that they decided not to support the alternative position on the common that both Friends of Horfield Common and Ardagh Community Trust suggested as an alternative.”

The Ardagh Community Trust was awarded a £300,000 grant for the Big Lottery's Power to Change fund earlier this year to assist with partial conversion of the historic pavilion on the common into a permanent, fully-equipped café. The trust has already had to negotiate a deadline extension from the lottery fund and fears it risks losing the money if permission for the new café is not granted by the council imminently.