How to get the best from your fruit trees

January 21 2022

How to get the best  from your fruit trees

As days grow longer we can look forward to the return of spring – a season of hope and renewal after a dreary winter. Blossom buds of fruiting trees are swelling and will soon burst open.
Members of Horfield Organic Community Orchard (HOCO) will tell you that it takes more than a change of season to get the best from your fruit trees. To help budding fruit tree growers create healthy plants that will provide a good harvest, HOCO have launched a new course, Get Growing Fruit Trees.
“Enthusiasm for planting and growing fruit trees isn’t always matched by knowledge or skill,” says Shannon Smith, HOCO orchard learning co-ordinator.
“We are also living with weather extremes caused by climate change and need to learn how to adapt and boost resilience.”
Get Growing Fruit Trees is a friendly introduction to the basics of fruit tree care. Four afternoon sessions, spaced over a growing season (March, May, July, September), take place in the rich learning environment of HOCO. Participants learn to plan, how to manage pests using nature-friendly methods, when to perk up the soil, and how to make the most of the harvest. Pruning for fruitfulness, an ongoing task, is a key activity in every session. Learning is hands-on, and the effects of choices and actions are observed over time.
Shannon adds: “Modern life can cut us off from nature. Fruit trees are brilliant for the environment. They also teach us to tune into seasonal changes in the world beyond our small screens – and reward us with food and beauty!”

For more information see the HOCO website:
Deadline for applications: Monday 14 March 2022.

Course dates: Saturdays - 19 March, 21 May, 16 July, 17 September, 2pm - 4.30pm. Contact: or phone 0117 373 1587.