Holistic approach for body, mind and soul

December 23 2013

EMPOWERING the mind, body and soul through holistic treatments is Osteomyologist Dawn Clode.

EMPOWERING the mind, body and soul through holistic treatments is Osteomyologist Dawn Clode.

Osteomyology, sometimes referred to as Neurosteomyology, is the practice of combining a variety of methods and treatments to suit the needs of each client.

Whether they have a certain health condition, a complaint, or are seeking a way to clear the mind, Dawn possesses many skills which can help clients move forward with their lives.

Not only is Dawn fully qualified in providing treatments such as acupuncture, joint manipulation, reflexology and reiki, but she is also an expert is providing coaching, mentoring, and advice on personal development.

As a member of the Association of Osteomologists, Dawn has been awarded Practitioner of Excellence and Osteomologist of the Year 2014,
as well as a Fellowship.

Dawn runs Life & Soul Empowerment - a holistic health practice - at Head to Toe salon on Gloucester Road.

She said: "Running Life & Soul Empowerment has taught me that everyone is different and through learning all of these treatments I can help a wide variety of people. I've learnt a fantastic way to diagnose."

Clients receive a full hour and a half consultation - which can include postural, structural or neurological assessments - before any treatment, and will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The process enables Dawn to recommend which treatment would best suit the client's needs.

She believes that "living in wellness is about the whole of you; how you think, move and what you believe".

Dawn hopes that once each client has received the appropriate treatment, they can begin their journey to achieve their dreams, whether in health, life, or work.

For more information about Dawn's treatments, visit: www.life-and-soul-empowerment.co.uk