Here’s to thee, Old Apple tree . . .

January 28 2016
Here’s to thee, Old Apple tree . . .

Here’s to thee, Old Apple tree . . .

MEMBERS of Horfield Organic Community Orchard (HOCO) were joined by hundreds of local residents to Wassail the orchard on January 16.

This splendid annual celebration takes place on the Saturday nearest Old Twelfth Night (17 January), when it was traditional for the whole community to go out after dark to recite incantations and sing to the trees to encourage a good crop.

The trees were thanked for the generous harvests of 2015.

A huge noise made by everyone and was certainly mighty enough to raise the sap of the trees as the days lengthen. Pigsty Morris brought their special energy to the event. People of all ages enjoyed dressing trees with bright ribbons and shining things, and many joined in the singing. It was a colourful and cheerful start to a new growing year.

Membership of the orchard is open to anyone, and new members are welcome to join us from January 2016. Harvestshare members enjoy a dividend of the harvest, learn specialist fruit growing skills, and have the pleasure of working and socialising in a green oasis in this densely populated part of Bristol.

The orchard is also financially supported by members who join HOCO as Friends.

For more information see website: or contact Shannon Smith: , 0117 373 1587