Hairdressers in a tangle thank salon owner for his generosity

July 30 2020

When the owners of Artizann Hair Studio saw the damage a car had caused to their salon last year, their first thought was for their clients.
 Their salon on Cranbrook Road was all decked up for Christmas when it was driven into in the middle of the night of December 6. The front of the shop collapsed inwards, destroying the door and ceiling, leaving business partners of 30 years, Jane East and Tracey Yeelis, with a full book of clients all wanting to get their hair done for Christmas, but with nowhere to work.
 Jane explains: “We had clients all booked in for Christmas and didn’t want to disappoint them so, having salvaged what we could from the debris left in our shop, we wondered what to do.
 “One idea was to ask Gareth Robertshaw, who runs Illusions on Gloucester Road promenade if he could help. Although he didn’t know us well, he kindly stepped in and let us continue to run our business by hiring a chair at his salon. We worked there until lockdown measures came in on March 21st.”
 The original premises at the bottom of Cranbrook Road are now restored, revamped and open for business once more.
 “It all seems like a dream now,” says Jane.
 “But I really want to say a big thank you to Gareth. He was so generous and accommodating at the time.
 “We arrived in our awful clothes, having crawled under the hoarding to get our stock out, and must have looked like hairdressers in distress! We had a real laugh working at his salon and miss the cameraderie.”  
 Gareth’s salon has emerged from lockdown with a facelift and a change of name from Illusions to Gareth Charles Hairdressing. He says: “
The salon Gareth Robertshaw runs has emerged from lockdown with a facelift and new name - Illusions has become Gareth Charles Hairdressing as Gareth explains: “I took over the business in 2014 and wanted to change the name then but stuck with it as I was new and the business established.
“Lockdown has allowed me the time to make the changes I’ve wanted to make for years and reflect the salon as it is now.”
Reflecting on the day when Jane and Tracey asked for his help, Gareth says: “I felt that could be me. Their livelihood had been ripped away from them.
“We embraced them and loved having them, and their assistant Kirsty, with us in the salon. They gave our salon a real buzz too. We’ve been sad to see them go because they are such lovely characters but it’s great to see them back in action.”