Hair salon boss is rooting for environment

November 26 2019

THE owner of a hair salon on Coldharbour Road is keen to encourage owners of other Bristol-based salons to be more green.
In September, Dougie Johns Hairdressing won a Plastic Free Champion award from Surfers Against Sewage for recycling nearly everything that they use in the salon such as hair, foils and shampoo bottles.
The salon is owned by Jamie Stevens, who is passionate about encouraging businesses to recycle. He has also recently taken the lead in the Coldharbour Road Traders' Association. Jamie says the salon has quite a few clients who work with the National History Department at the BBC, and, combined with their own conscience about the environment, they have started to take the issue of sustainability a lot more seriously.
 Speaking about the award and the salon’s recycling, he said: “We’re the only salon in Bristol to have received the award, which we won after my husband put us forward.
"We’re from Cornwall so we’re aware of the work that Surfers Against Sewage do, and we were delighted to have been chosen as one of three businesses representing Bristol.
“We now don’t have anything in the salon that isn’t sustainable or plastic free, other than the absolute essentials. We use Oway biodynamic hair products, which are mainly plant based and come in aluminium, cardboard and brown paper packaging.
"Our milk is delivered by the milk man in glass bottles, and our espresso machine uses pods from the Eden Project that are compostable and will bio-degrade, which is another nod to where we’re from!
“Any other refreshments that we serve are in glass bottles, and we are also pioneering a salon-specific recycling system with Professional Hygiene who are based in Avonmouth. The programme encourages salons to recycle almost everything that comes through the door, including the foils that are used for highlighting.
"A lot of foils are used in salons, and they typically go in the bin. Only about one percent of UK salons recycle their foil, and now we have one bag of foil that is collected for recycling once a week. We also recycle our colour tubes, and any other items such as paper, card and hair, which normally goes in the bin too. As it’s a natural product it will bio-degrade too, and it can be used to create renewable energy that is used to fuel hospitals. Also, hair is really amazing for collecting oil when there is an oil spill, and so it can benefit the environment in lots of ways.
“We think that recycling needs to be addressed more within the city, and we’re keen to encourage other salons to do more. Professional Hygiene want to roll out their programme to other salons over the next few months, and use us as an example which is great.”
Jamie is interested in hearing from other salons who would like to recycle more.
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