Greens grab two more council seats

May 30 2014

THE Green party has come out on top in the recent local elections for both Bishopston and Redland - taking the seats previously occupied by Liberal Democrat councillors.

THE Green party has come out on top in the recent local elections for both Bishopston and Redland - taking the seats previously occupied by Liberal Democrat councillors.

Tim Malnick will now be standing alongside Daniella Radice, making Bishopston an entirely Green ward, and Martin Fodor will be standing alongside Liberal Democrat councillor, Fi Hance, in Redland.

The pair will be replacing David Willingham and Sylvia Townsend, who both stepped down.

Bishopston councillor, Tim MalnickTim Malnick - an educator and facilitator helping organisations become more sustainable and socially responsible - achieved just under half of the voter turn-out with 2246 votes.

Eileen Means, Labour candidate, came second with 1168 votes; Lib Dem, Barry Cash, came third with 757 votes; Conservative, Owen Evans, came fourth with 511; and Martin Saddington from Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts achieved 65 votes.
Just over 46% of the electorate voted, with a 4776 voter turn-out - 12% higher than the voter turn-out last year.
Martin Fodor - an environmental consultant to local community groups and small traders, and national policy expert - gained 1465 votes, 36% of the voter turn-out.

Lib Dem, Alex Smethurst, came second with 709 votes; Labour candidate, Philip Jardine came a close third with 689; Christopher Morton, Conservative candidate, came fourth with 661 votes; Stella Perrett, an Independent came fifth with 327 votes; UKIP candidate Christine Wyndham-Thomas came sixth with 171 votes; and Laura Collins from Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts received 26 votes.
The overall turnout across Bristol was 36.5%.

Tim Malnick said: "I’m delighted to have been elected as Bishopston councillor and I’m looking forward to working hard for the area.

"The first priority of any councillor is to really listen to and represent the wishes of people in the ward. Transport and looking after Gloucester Road were key issues for many people. Making sure that residents’ parking, if it does come to Bishopston, is implemented sensitively and with proper consultation, is another key issue."

He added: "I'd like to foster more opportunities for outdoor play and activity, find new ways to help people develop their own ideas and local projects, and to develop neighbourhood sharing schemes as a way of lowering consumption, reducing waste, and also getting to know our neighbours better.

"There is considerable cynicism about politics. Many people don’t feel connected, or have any confidence that politics is really serving them. I want to develop honest and trusting relationships with fellow councillors in all parties down at City Hall and I’d like to cut through some of the party political point scoring that seems to get in the way of a more intelligent human approach."

Redland councillor, Martin FodorMartin Fodor said: "This is a tremendous result and an overwhelming majority we're really delighted with - more than twice the vote of the second place, on a much higher turnout.

"I was so pleased with the support right across the ward for the campaign I ran and endorsement of our Green policies for Bristol. I am delighted that people have backed our positive messages for the area.

"My aim is to work with residents to involve more people in shaping decisions that affect our ward.So many people helped the campaign and I'm touched by the countless messages I've had since I was elected, and offers of help and support in future."