Golden Hill prepares for spring fair

April 29 2018
Golden Hill prepares for spring fair

After a long, cold and wet winter...spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than the Golden Hill Community Garden Spring Fair and Plant Sale.

 These annual events are a great success with over 700 visitors attending each year. 

 If you are behind with your seeds or slugs have eaten your plants then you can buy vegetables and flower seedlings in the huge plant sale. Plants are grown on site by volunteers in the garden. 

 This year’s fun and festivities will include Morris dancing from ‘Pigsty Morris’ and fantastic live music from ‘What the folk’.

 There will be a myriad of activities for all the family -  traditional fair games, face painting, seasonal craft, pond dipping, a gnome hunt and Bat the Rat! 

The garden is proud of its wheelchair accessibility and there will be a quiet indoor sensory space for anyone that feels they need a quiet spot. 

The Frog Clay oven will be churning out delicious pizza and there will be tea and cake a plenty.

The event takes place on Saturday May 12, from 1 - 4pm.