Getting set for a platinum party

April 28 2022

Getting set for a  platinum party

ROYAL occasions provide an opportunity for street parties, as this photo from the 1953 Coronation celebrations in Wordsworth Road, Lockleaze, shows.

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and the Diamond Jubilee a decade later were all occasions for bringing communities together and the Platinum Jubilee festivities next month will continue the tradition.

Bristol-based national organisation Playing Out hopes the 2022 parties will live long in the memories of children and their families. 

Community artist Shani Ali recalls the Silver Jubilee event:  “For me it’s the memory of the atmosphere that lives on. The celebrations were about joy and togetherness outside our houses. I loved the transformation of our ordinary street into a colourful, vibrant place. The bunting, food, happy people talking, neighbours together on the street - for us children who lived in such separate worlds from the grown-ups, it was a time to relish in the joy felt by everyone. An adventure was to be had on our street. Being a British-Pakistani of only six years of age, I truly felt part of the community”.

Kate Staniforth, of Playing Out, said: “A residential street closed to traffic is the perfect safesharedspace for neighbours to get together and for children to play out and be active. Bristol residents are very lucky as the council supports both one-off street parties and regular play streets - not all councils do. Hundreds of Bristol street communities have already made use of these policies and we would love to see many more do so this summer. It’s free to do, we can provide support, and the benefits for children and the wider community are huge”.

The ‘temporary play street’ model - where neighbours close their road to through-traffic for a few hours on a regular basis, allowing children to play out together safely whilst still giving residents car access - was started by parents in Bristol in 2009 and has spread across the UK. 

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