Fun show, serious message

April 26 2014

A CONCERT put on by Year 7 pupils about how to be safe online took place at Fairfield High School last month.

A CONCERT put on by Year 7 pupils about how to be safe online took place at Fairfield High School last month.
The show was part of an overall project called Connected, launched by local theatre group and educational provider, Unique Voice, and funded by the council's Early Help team.
Connected is the only programme of its kind and is dedicated to educating schools, students and parents about the ever-evolving online world.
Unique Voice has already visited Bedminster Down and Orchard School on Filton Road.
The concert featured students from Fairfield High School, who have been trained by the initiative as "e-Safety Champions".
The pupils also toured primary schools in the area, spreading their knowledge about internet safety to younger students.
Highlights of the show included dancing, singing and beat poetry.
The concert concluded with an e-Safety pledge where Fairfield High School, the Early Help team, e-Safety Champions, Unique Voice and local primary schools promised to stay “connected”.
Twleve-year-old, e-Safety Champion Jenny Taylor said: "I spoke to the head of year about getting involved because I felt strongly about cyber-bullying.
"It's definitely built my confidence and has taught me more about being safe online. It's fun to do something on stage and put the message across to people - I now feel more confident both on stage and online."
Unique Voice believes that through training children to become educators and giving them more responsibility, they can build their self-esteem.
Company director of Unique Voice, Krystal Keeley, said: "To help young people stay safe online, we believe you need to connect with them and listen to their experiences. From there we can move forward and equip them with the tools to protect and empower themselves and each other."
Caroline Donald, from the Early Help team, said: “E-Safety is an issue we encounter constantly when working with children and families.
"We are delighted to support and promote such an innovative project which enables children and young people to become more informed and proactive about using the internet safely, whilst continuing to enjoy the opportunities that the internet provides.
She added: "The internet is an incredible tool - it just needs to be used safely."

Connected: Children at Fairfield School