Fun all the way at FHS for Children in Need

December 19 2018

TEAM Fairfield (from Fairfield High School) got into the Children in Need spirit, as students dug deep in their pockets and staff proved real sports, as a fantastic amount of money was raised & a lot of laughs were had!

On the bill for Children in Need this year included pie throwing, teacher auctions, sponging teachers, face painting and taping staff to a wall. For these privileges, students dug deep into their pockets, collaboratively raising a fantastic £1537.46.

Mr Warner-Meanwell, House System Manager at FHS, said: "We have had a brilliant fundraising week culminating with students relishing the opportunity to be one up on their teachers; whether they chose to throw sponges, bid for an auction to have a teacher as a slave for a lesson, or throwing whipped cream into teachers' faces; certainly not our usual Friday antics! Thank you to all those staff who were great sports - your combined efforts helped raise a fantastic sum for a great cause."