FHS celebrates Black History Month

November 27 2018
FHS celebrates Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, Fairfield High School (FHS) welcomed a very special guest to speak to its Year 11 students during an assembly.

Michele Curtis, founder of the seven Saints of St Paul’s initiative, Artist, Founder and Director of Iconic Black Bristolians, plus former FHS student, shared her history, vision, values and beliefs with the students, before giving them an opportunity to ask their questions.

Michele is a very talented and inspirational artist who created, designed and actively petitioned for these artwork and murals to come to life within the area of St Paul’s. Her work is quite spectacular, and captures the Saints perfectly as they exude vibrance and vitality; they are due to be completed in June next year.

Speaking from her own previous experience and journey within the world of art, Michele advised the students to believe in their own talent and never give up on themselves. She said that there is ‘no perfect’ and what will mean one thing to one person will mean something completely different to another.

Cashan Campbell, Year 11 Achievement Co-ordinator said: “I am delighted that Michele joined us in our efforts to celebrate Black History Month. She is such an iconic figure, who helped share the stories of these unsung heroes in some fantastic works of art. 

“This affects me on a personal level, as my beloved Nanny, Delores Campbell was one of those black influential figures who touched the hearts of many. Fairfield is well known for its diverse community for which we are extremely proud, so welcoming Michele into this community could not be more apt.”