February Column: Bishopston Mum

February 01 2013

I can't help feeling a little sad at the thought of my son going to primary school in September. I know that he will be ready for school when the time comes.

February Column: Bishopston Mum

Hello and welcome to February's column from Bishopston Mum!  Although my family and I had a good Christmas and New Year, I am enjoying being back in the swing of things and into our regular routine again.

Last month I completed my application for our first choice of primary school for my little boy.  Despite the pressure of primary school places easing in the last year, what with the extra class at Bishop Road Primary and the new Brunel Fields School opening, along with the fact that we live only a very short distance from our first choice of primary school, it will be good to receive confirmation later this year that we have been granted our first choice. 

I can't help feeling a little sad at the thought of my son going to primary school in September.  Our first choice of school has been rated by Ofsted as outstanding and I was impressed when I visited the school on an open day.  I know that he will be ready for school when the time comes.  I have also been telling myself that his starting school will make my life a little easier as a mum and give me more time to write.  But his going to “Big School” makes me all too aware of how precious time is and how fast it is going.  Hopefully I will be more ready for his starting school when September comes.

This month I wanted to tell you about the NCT Cafes in and around Bishopston.  NCT Cafes are aimed not just at mums, but at dads, grandparents, parents-to-be and child carers.  And did you know that you don't need to be an NCT member to come along?  I host the NCT Cafe at the fantastic KudaCan, the new community hub, at 6 Dongola Avenue, Bishopston.  I am there on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 10.15- 11.30am.  It would be great to see more faces there, so please do join me!  There are also regular NCT Cafes at Portico Play and at Rimando’s.

I was given some advice by another local mum recently which I wanted to pass on to the readers of Bishopstonvoice who have young children.  This advice concerned the long waiting lists for Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, etc in and around Bishopston.  Despite my son only just turning four in January, I was advised to put his name on the waiting list now if I wanted him to start Beavers when he turns six.  The mum I was speaking to had unfortunately left it a little too late to secure her daughter a place at Rainbows.  So, if you have young children, it would be wise to put names on waiting lists early.

I thought I would write and tell you about Little Fishes Toddler Group. This playgroup is held at Horfield Methodist Church on Fridays at 10-11.30am.  Until last month, I had been taking my kids there since it first opened.  But there is an age limit at Little Fishes and because my son has exceeded this limit, it has made it tricky for me to continue taking my daughter.  It is one of the friendliest playgroups we have been to, probably due to the volunteers’ warmth which feeds through to everyone who goes there and I will miss going.  However, I have my daughter's name on the waiting list to start again in September when my son starts school so I look forward to having our weekly trip to Little Fishes back in our routine!

I hope you enjoyed reading Bishopston Mum's February's column for Bishopstonvoice.  Have a great month!

Bishopston Mum x