February 2019: Inside Out

January 24 2019

Banish your 'Floordrobe' with this simple storage hack

If you are one of the millions of people who vowed at New Year to declutter and tidy up then you probably already know it can be like painting the Forth Bridge. Without a system in place things quickly go back to being a mess. 

One of the worst clutter symptoms is that of The Floordrobe. Or The Chairdrobe. Bannister-robe. Door-robe. Radiator-robe…. The most obvious route to using the Actual Wardrobe properly is to first reduce the volume of clothing you have so that it all fits inside, but once you have done that there is still a further way to maximise the space available.

Japanese decluttering queen Marie Kondo is the absolute master of clothing origami. Simply watch her delightful demonstration videos on YouTube to learn how to fold things so that they stand up on their own and can be filed rather than piled. Stop stacking, start filing, then all will be visible and accessible. 

The secret to success is to divide the drawers into smaller, more manageable compartments. You can now buy beautiful Marie Kondo branded lidless boxes, all pretty and thoughtfully proportioned so as to perfectly protect your smalls, tees and trews. Or you can do what I do and buy the altogether more thrifty cardboard Tjena boxes from Ikea. Pop them inside your drawers, fill with your favourite garms and enjoy a clutter free, calm living (and dressing) experience!

Buy Marie Kondo drawer dividing storage boxes online from: https://konmari-media-inc.myshopify.com/pages/about

Buy Ikea Tjena boxes online here: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/small-storage-organisers/storage-boxes-baskets/tjena-storage-box-with-lid-black-art-30395477/ 


Zoe Hewett is interior designer at local studio www.stylemongersofbristol.co.uk