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December 20 2016

January 2017: Vineyard News

The recent cold snap has pushed the vines into dormancy a little quicker than in previous years and I’ve found it hard to resist the urge to start pruning now all the leaves have dropped off. I’ve made a start but have until next March to finish all 38 rows, so it’s a gradual process.. Read More

December 20 2016

January 2017: Wildlife Watch

They say that firewood warms you twice, first when you chop it and again when you burn it. .. Read More

December 20 2016

January 2017 : On The Beat

Happy New Year! As we welcome in 2017, please spare a thought for elderly neighbours who may be feeling particularly lonely and isolated during January, as the winter stretches ahead... Read More

November 24 2016

December On The Beat: Trust your instincts - it really helps

I CAN'T quite believe that Christmas has snuck up on us again; it seems to come around so fast. Rest assured that however you spend the festive period, officers will be working hard in the community to keep you safe. .. Read More

November 24 2016

Vineyard December: Cheers! How we scored a hat trick at Ashton Gate

In the vineyard I’ve been perfecting the art of rolling the bird nets back in - there’s no urgency with autumn and winter tasks so I can take my time. .. Read More

November 24 2016

Preparing for the winter chill

The days are turning colder as we head into the winter season - what effect does this have on our pets? .. Read More

November 24 2016

Mayor's Blog December: Community is strength of our city

As many of you will now know, our city is facing a budget gap of £92million over the next five years and together we face tough choices in order to address this. .. Read More

November 24 2016

New-look Joe’s Bakery serves up top quality bakes

Joe’s Bakery has a shiny new front fascia, making the good quality bakes it has always provided at its shop on Gloucester Road look even tastier. .. Read More

November 24 2016

December: Bishopston Mum

I can hardly believe that I am writing my column for the December issue of Bishopston Voice - 2016 has flown by! .. Read More

November 01 2016

Working with partners to tackle anti-social parking outside school

We continue to receive reports of traffic and parking issues close to Bishop Road Primary School. PCSO David Said is due to meet with school staff and Bristol City Council representatives this month to see how we can improve matters. If you drive to this or any other school in the area, please make sure you park safely and with consideration for other families and residents... Read More