Explore local treasures

June 26 2015

ENCOURAGING residents to explore local “green treasures” is Redland resident, Chrissie Decker.

ENCOURAGING residents to explore local “green treasures” is Redland resident, Chrissie Decker.

Popping up on August 1 for six weeks, the 'Green Treasure Hunt' will take locals on a journey of discovery, weaving around the green spaces and independent shopping streets on our doorstep.

Five pop-up 'street pockets' and ten hidden art works will form the framework of the route, which covers some of the quietest streets and paths across Bishopston, Cotham and Redland.

The project is part of the Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme, which has commissioned initiatives across the city which tie in with Bristol being awarded Green Capital 2015.

“[The trail] is to encourage residents to explore their local green treasures, to inspire people to try active travel and discover the most pleasant routes to get around,” project facilitator Chrissie explained. “I am hoping that people discover something that can become part of their future daily life.”

On the trail, there will be a mix of art, which Chrissie deems as more “outsider art” than fine art.

“It will be playful, some of it created by communities and some by individuals, but most of all it is designed to inspire, to make people think - how could it be if things were different?”

The street pockets will explore each of the Green Capital themes: energy, food, nature, resources and transport.

One of the installations will be created by local artist Sara Zaltash, who has created a pop-up dome in order to start conversations about the city's future.

'one day : Day One – Resilience' will be positioned outside Sainsbury's at the top end of Gloucester Road, and is illustrated on the outside by artist Jack-Reuben Fletcher with an evocative vision of Bristol in the future.

Sarah said: “What if we could see what the future has in store for us, and learn to bounce back more effectively? How might we act if that future were now? How can we share this resilient-thinking around the world, and learn from each other’s ways of bouncing back to our best?

“Showing the people of Bristol the work that individuals and organisations are doing to make the city resilient means that everyone can understand what role they can play in making our city stronger.

“Our project gives people a way to create and share visions for our future. [It] is ours, after all. Now is the time to remember that, and do something about it. ”

The 'Green Treasure Hunt' route is 14km in total, and is flexibly designed to allow residents to complete in one day, or in sections.

Maps can be found online at www.greentreasure.net, where locals can sign up to log their finds, post pictures and uncover clues for the hidden art-works.

The website also lists local shops and cafes, stocking the printed fold out map.

Watch the venture evolve on Facebook at 'BCR Green Treasure' and Twitter @GreenTreasure15.

Chrissie DeckerChrissie Decker. Photo courtesy of Chrissie Deck Photography.