Exasperation grows over failure to tackle road safety in Horfield!

February 29 2016

Exasperation grows over failure to tackle road safety in Horfield!

HORFIELD Conservative Councillor Claire Hiscott has had enough of ‘excuses’ and ‘prevarication’ over addressing what local people have described as clear and present dangers created by traffic planners in her ward.

Since the re-opening of Southmead Hospital and the relocation of a bus layover in Dorian Road, the lives of residents have been made a misery not just by on-going parking issues and increased congestion but also as a result of new hazards in the road layout.

The no.24 bus stop at the Dorian Road/Filton Road junction has become a particularly perilous troublespot, where passage becomes impossible if two buses stop at this location at the same time.

This regularly causes tailbacks and obscures the vision of motorists and other road users.

Despite numerous discussions between First Bus, council officers and the Hospital management no realistic solution has been put forward.

Now, having personally witnessed a near catastrophe at this junction recently, involving an ambulance unable to get out of Dorian Road because of a bus blockade and resulting traffic jam, Cllr Hiscott is demanding that the Mayor intervene.

Cllr Hiscott (Con, Horfield) said: “This latest incident is the last straw. Fears are growing for the lives of children using the nearby skate park, play area and leisure centre.

“I have repeatedly raised the problems caused by this specific bus stop which lies on a very busy residential road that was never designed to carry so many buses and traffic from the hospital. Not only is it an accident waiting to happen, it is yet another woeful example of poor planning and a failure to listen to the public.

“For months now, many people have contacted me with their concerns over the current road configuration. Poor traffic light phasing also seems to be a contributing factor in bringing vehicles to a standstill here. People can often wait for 40 minutes to get out of this junction.

“Since the hospital reopened there has been a huge increase in traffic, with motorists using Dorian Road and the hospital as a cut-through.”

“It is astonishing that council officers are taking such a defeatist stance and are making little effort to alleviate a known congestion and road safety issue, despite repeated pleas from residents who live on this road”

“The time for prevarication and excuses has past. We need urgent action taken to tackle this obvious, road safety issue. I shall now be calling on the Mayor to intervene and get something done.”

“For starters, this bonkers bus stop needs relocating, the traffic lights need re-phasing and the hospital must be required to control vehicles exiting its grounds.” Contact Claire Hiscott tel: 07775227274