Enterprising Sefton Park pupils raise £4,500

March 29 2016
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Enterprising Sefton Park pupils raise £4,500

THE pupils at Sefton Park Primary School have raised £4,500 in the Deki Tenner Tournament.

It is a scheme in which children are challenged to set up small businesses with a £10 loan and turn it into as much money as possible over a month.

The children came up with an imaginative variety of money making schemes. Among them were Evie Miller, 10, who undertook a day’s sponsored silence, George Faiello, nine, and Luc Goodwin, 10, who sold their homemade Tiramisu at Prego Restaurant for a healthy profit. Lola HillJones aged 9 showed an extraordinary knack for business when she made sure her mum woke up early to go to Bristol Flower Market, buying flowers to make Mother’s Day bouquets which were sold to passers by.

Deki is a microfinance charity that provides loans and business training to people in the developing world enabling them to work their way out of poverty. Individual lenders have the opportunity to lend from £10.

The pupils have now made more than 140 loans to African entrepreneurs, improving the lives of about 840 people .