End of an era as Clifton College Prep School drops its Saturday lessons

May 26 2016

End of an era as Clifton College Prep School drops its Saturday lessons

CLIFTON College Preparatory School has announced that it will be making changes to its Saturday School in September.

The Prep School has traditionally held Saturday School for Years 4 to 8 in the morning and Sports on Saturday afternoon.

However, following requests from parents and changes already brought in by other independent schools, Saturday School will now be replaced with Saturday Activities, including a wide range of sporting, music and other activities, and the school day will finish at lunchtime.

A number of other schools have already made this change to their Saturday hours or have always traditionally played sport on a Saturday morning.

Clifton College said these changes will enable their pupils to take part in more tournaments and festivals and ensure they are not losing teaching time to be released from lessons.

The lessons that were held on Saturdays will be absorbed into the regular working week.

In addition, the work profile of many families has changed in recent years, with many parents finding that the weekends are the only time they can have proper quality time to spend with their children.

By making the changes to the Saturday structure, the College believes this will enable the right balance to be achieved between the changing needs of other schools, the needs of the family, and providing allimportant sports opportunities and experiences.

As a result of these changes, the Preparatory School has also been able to make several efficiencies, which have been passed on to parents in the form of more affordable and competitive school fees in the Bristol market.

This latest development follows a range of other upgrades to the PrePrep and Prep Schools as part of an 18-month review, including creating new facilities for the PrePrep School, such as its own library and librarian and music room with specialist teachers.

John Milne, Preparatory Headmaster, said: “We have listened to our parents and made a number of positive changes to complement our families’ busy and hectic lifestyles. Put simply, our families will have more family time on Saturdays and our pupils will be able to take part in more sports matches and activities.”