Duo prepare for Edinburgh Fringe

May 29 2018

St Andrews mum Louise Leigh has taken the idea of a mid-life crisis and run with it, by becoming a stand-up comedian.

 Since 2015, she has eschewed salsa classes, book club and stitch and bitch and has grabbed the mike at comedy nights all over the South West. Now, she’s taking it to a new level, by pairing up with fellow comedian, Jo Frank, to take a show to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. 

“I just got fed up of trying to be a grown up. It’s something I’d always secretly yearned to do. I used to be a member of Bishopston’s infamous Stepford Singers choir, and that reminded me that I love to perform, so I thought I’d just give it a go. I’m addicted now and gig at least once a week, on average.” 

With two kids and a four day a week job, Louise’s diary is “a mess” but she says doing stand-up is pretty easy to squeeze in. 

“I can rehearse on the way to work and write in between shouting at the kids. I don’t have to try to coordinate diaries with a sketch or improv group. It’s comparatively easy, logistically-speaking.” 

Louise’s partner-in-comedy for Edinburgh is Jo Frank, who’s also old enough to know better... They’ll be previewing their Edinburgh show “Frank-Leigh we don’t give a ****” at the Arts House in Stokes Croft on 20th June at 8pm. 

“It’s a work-in-progress, so don’t go thinking it’s going to be good,” warns Louise, “but Jo is very funny indeed and if nothing else, it’s a night out, isn’t it?”